November 22 2012

New Brunswick Real Estate: Should You Buy a Home with Security?

Whether it’s New Brunswick or anywhere else in the country, many prospective buyers face the question of what to do when they purchase a home with security already installed. Most of the time, these systems are largely inert and can easily be removed at the discretion of the new owner, but is that really the best way to go?

Home security systems help stop and prevent home invasions and robberies, but they also do something more – they can help give the homeowner and the family living inside that peace of mind that everyone is entitled to. And just because the existing hardware was under someone else’s name doesn’t mean you can’t make the transfer.

Services like ADT make it easy to not only reactivate existing security equipment, but it can actually be cheaper, as well. That’s because there’s not installation cost – it’s already there. All you have to do is set up a new account and cover the monthlies which, if you click that link, you’ll notice can be quite agreeable.

Wherever you are, be it New Brunswick or New York, if you find yourself moving into a home with existing security tech, think before you tear it down. It could come in handy.

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